AE Series Solenoid Dosing Pump

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AE Series Solenoid-Driven Dosing Pump


Technical Specifications

  •       Pressure up to 1.5Mpa

  •       High flow rates up to 15L/H

  •       Steady-state accuracy – ± 1% of full capacity

Main Features

General product, economical and practical

  • Offers the most economical choice, accurate and effective performance

  • Can freely used under 100-240V by applying automatic voltage identification function, allow them to use for most countries

  • Compact structure and simply operation   

  • Max flow rate can reached to 15L/H, max pressure can reached to 1.5MPA

High Efficient Performance

  • The AS/AE Series offers up to 400 strokes per minute for efficient and highly accurate fluid dosing.

  • Flow rate can by adjusted by manual control, external pulse signal control or 4-20mA signal control, also it can under RS485 communication

  • Under low speed operation, pump may face the problem of incoherence dose, accelerate diaphragm wear and uncontrol performance

High Degree of Protection

  • A strong shell to protect daily wearing.

  • External case is together with waterproof design, combined with resin covered electronic components, to achieved the expected results of moisture-proof and waterproof.

  • The transparent cover prevents the pump being splashed by liquid, and the protection level is up to IP65.

Strong Compatibility

  • A variety of material pump heads are available to fit different corrosion resistance requirements.

  • The PVDF pump head with ceramic valve ball shows the high performance configurations for the pump.

  • PVDF pump heads are compatible with almost all of chemicals which used in industry, water treatment, etc. The use of ceramic ball improves the reliability of   dosing and the chemical

    compatibility of the whole liquid

   Reliable Performance

  • Under advanced design concepts ,excellent manufacturing processes and proprietary technology, the diaphragm has been created with extremely long service life for over 5 years.

  • The diaphragm is made of pure PTFE that is compatible with most chemicals.

  • It has overpressure automatic protection, without safety valve required.

  • Simplicity and reliability moving parts, without lubrication and drive reduction parts.

  • The design of double valve ball structure improves pump life and prevent the loss of prime.

  • It is easy to install, with its own bottom valve, injection valve and inlet&outlet hose.


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