Automatic Dosing Device

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The dosing device is a complete set of equipment with dosing, mixing, liquid delivery, and automatic control. It is widely used in power plant raw water, boiler feed water, oil field ground gathering and transportation dehydration treatment system, petrochemical various dosing systems and Wastewater treatment system. Such as adding coagulant, phosphate, ammonia solution, lime water, corrosion inhibitor, scale inhibitor, bactericidal and algaecide etc.


◆The performance is stable, the operation is safe and reliable, the system will automatically shut down when the equipment fails, and an alarm signal will be issued at the same time.

◆The screw feeder is used to feed the powder, and the speed is closed-loop controlled to ensure that the feed is uniform, dispersed, and the accuracy is within 1%.

◆Under the specified production volume and continuous dosing conditions, the maturation time of the prepared solution is guaranteed to be more than 2 hours. Its preparation concentration is 0.05%-0.5%.

◆Good corrosion resistance, engineering plastics and stainless steel are all used in contact with the medium.

◆The use of three-tank overflow solution operating system makes the equipment simple in structure, small in size and easy to install. It is suitable for the environment of continuous dissolution and continuous addition of medicines.

◆The agitator adopts a specially designed multi-stage blade structure.

◆The premixer accelerates the hydration of the powder, and the water flow state can be adjusted.





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