A-X Series Plunger Dosing Pump

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High flexibility:It can be double-headed or multiple-headed in parallel; multiple pump heads can deliver the same medium to reduce pulse; it can also transport multiple media and use it as a proportional pump.

High performance:High-performance plunger and special packing, sealing components, long service life, superior sealing performance;

High accuracy:The measurement accuracy can reach ±1%, the flow rate is within the range of 10%-100%, and the maximum pressure can reach 80MPa. When the outlet pressure changes, the flow rate is almost unchanged.

High cost performance: Simple structure, convenient maintenance, and high cost performance.

Can realize remote automatic control: Equipped with stroke regulator can realize remote automatic control.

Accurate flow control: Manual adjustment, electric adjustment, pneumatic adjustment, frequency conversion adjustment, flexible control of chemical delivery.

Wide range of discharge pressure: Plunger pumps use a wide range of discharge pressures, and should be made into high-pressure pumps

◆It can transport high-viscosity media. It is not recommended for transporting corrosive slurry and hazardous chemicals.

◆There is no safety relief device. It is recommended to install a safety valve on the outlet pipe of the pump.

Application areas:

The plunger metering pump is particularly popular in the process of conveying various liquid media with high viscosity, high pressure and high temperature, and has become an indispensable pump type for modern industry to achieve semi-automatic and fully automatic operation.

◆Water treatment and wastewater treatment

◆Chemical and petrochemical processing

◆Oil and gas production

◆Metallurgy and Electricity

◆Medicine, food

A-X Series Plunger Dosing Pump


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