"River Chief System" makes rivers and lakes "green"


On November 15, when the harvest season ended, more than 12,000 acres of circle ponds within 1 km to the north of the Huangzhuang Channel on both sides of the Xiaoyan River, Tongshan District, Xuzhou City, were cleaned and demolished one after another, and the removal has been basically completed.

Since the beginning of this year, the Tongshan District River Chief Office has completed more than 30,000 mu of fishing and returning to the lake area. At the same time, through the promotion of the "River Chief System", iron fist rectification of the "four chaos", removal of 140,200 square meters of illegal buildings, and clearing of the shoreline 25 kilometers, restore the water area of 23,000 mu, and create 23 beautiful and happy rivers and lakes.

Taking the "River Chief System" as the starting point, Xuzhou Tongshan makes the rivers and lakes "green".

No more chaos

Liguo Town, located on the bank of Weishan Lake, has been dominated by the steel industry for many years. Some iron and steel and mechanical processing enterprises reclaimed and occupied them on their own, causing chaos. In 2019, in the list of rectification of the "Four Chaos" in Weishan Lake assigned by the Ministry of Water Resources, 8 Liguo Township were included in the rectification.

In the face of complicated situations and a large number of historical problems, the Tongshan District Hechang Office took the attitude of opening roads in the mountains and building bridges in the mountains, and quickly came up with a "one enterprise, one policy" plan to accurately solve the problem: for ground structures that should be demolished in the reserve Complete demolition, clean up all the landfills, and restore the original appearance of the lake and beach; for companies that stop production and close down, the Tongshan District government organizes relevant departments and the Liguo Town government to demolish and remove the ground structures on the land; for the projects under construction of transformation and upgrading enterprises, Coordinate and help companies re-select sites for construction, complete demolition and garbage removal after completion and put into operation, and restore the original appearance of the lake and beach.

"For some difficult problems, we will advance through the river chief, and the district leaders will take command to promote the joint operation of all departments to solve the problems." said Zheng Yijun, director of the river chief office of the Tongshan District Water Affairs Bureau. The 8 items in the "Four Chaos" list of the Ministry of Rivers and Lakes have completed the acceptance and sale of numbers.

The "River Chief System" not only gnawed away the hard bones of rectifying the "four chaos", but also found a realistic path to completely solve the problem. "In order to make the production and the lake area more clear, we will also plan and construct the lake east dike, which is now being submitted for approval by the Huai Committee, and strive to start construction before the end of the year. At the same time, relying on the ecological environment of the Weishan Lake along the mountains, lakes, and islands. Resource advantages, while the Weishan Lake is being restored, the natural endowment, folk customs, topography, and village architecture of natural mountains and rivers and ecological villages are organically integrated to create a new model for the coordinated development of rural revitalization and water protection." Zheng Yijun said .

Green return

Most of the villagers in Liuquan Town, Liguo Town, Yanhu Farm and other places by the Weishan Lake mainly focus on aquaculture. Feeding of feed is one of the reasons for the pollution of the water quality of Weishan Lake. In order to protect and improve the ecological environment of Weishan Lake and ensure the functions of the lake, in 2021, the Tongshan District River Chief Office will actively implement pond retreat in the Nansi Lake Nature Reserve.

A total of 237 ponds are involved in the core area and buffer zone of Weishan Lake. According to the “retrophication ponds to cultivate aquatic products, remove pond ground attachments and aquaculture facilities; implement breaks in the embankment of the retreat ponds to achieve water connectivity and ensure that they are lost. The standard of "aquaculture function" was cleaned and rectified, and 12,800 mu of the lake was returned to the lake. On May 12, it passed the municipal acceptance and sales number.

In order to enable fishermen who have retired to find new ways to earn a living smoothly, the Tongshan District Hechang Office, together with the District People’s Insurance Bureau, the District Federation of Trade Unions and other relevant functional departments, conduct skills training for the fishermen who have landed ashore, so as to ensure the fishermen’s livelihood after landing; The fishermen of the Second Airline Company live on the Beijing-Hangzhou Canal beach for a long time, and the quality of life and personal safety are not guaranteed. The Tongshan District government invested 150 million yuan to build a new fishermen resettlement village in Yanhu Street, and the fishermen can move to their new homes around the end of the year. live.

The water source of Xiaoyanhe River is a river-type surface water source. The upstream water source is the lower lake of Nansi Lake. It is an important surface water source in Xuzhou City and carries the task of supplying drinking water in Xuzhou City. In order to ensure the safety of the water quality of the water source of the Xiaoyan River, the Tongshan District implemented the return of fishing to the lake for 12,200 acres of fish ponds within a range of 1,000 meters on both sides of the Xiaoyan River. The retirement work was completed in mid-November.

"In order to return the Weishan Lake and Xiaoyan River to the original green, the government of Tongshan District has to spend 600 million yuan to compensate the farmers in the lake area for the work of returning fishing to the lake, but the determination of Tongshan to green development is extremely firm." Zheng Yijun said that while returning fishing to the lake, Tongshan District has also completely banned 1,722 livestock and poultry farms of various types within 100 meters on both sides of the tributary of the Xiaoyan River section. Since 2020, the area of key lakes in the entire region has been surrounded by nets. To achieve negative growth, "the "greenness" of Nansi Lake and Xiaoyanhe gradually returned."


In order to make continuous use of river and lake resources in Tongshan District, create a model of "beautiful Tongshan" river and lake, and accelerate the display of the beautiful scenery of rivers and lakes with "smooth rivers, clear waters, green shores, beautiful scenery, and harmony among people". Relying on the implementation of the river chief, strengthen the supervision of the water industry, and make every effort to promote the construction of beautiful and happy rivers and lakes.

In contrast to the provincial "six and one high" standards of "flood prevention and safety, strict water resources management, stable and healthy ecology, clean and beautiful environment, leisure and cultural facilities, sound management and protection system, and high public satisfaction", copper The mountain area has successively issued the "Action Plan for the Construction of Beautiful and Happy Rivers and Lakes in Tongshan District" and "The Mobilization Order on the Development of Beautiful and Happy Rivers and Lakes." In the next 5 years, the whole district will build 200 beautiful and happy rivers and lakes, and at the same time, the standards of "existence" and "high" will be further clarified-the flood control rate of rivers and lakes will reach more than 90%, and the water quality of the centralized drinking water source protection area will reach the standard rate. 100% or more, the ecological shoreline accounts for more than 50%, and the effective protection rate of water cultural relics is 100%.

The active promotion of "River Chang" has led to rapid progress in the construction of beautiful and happy rivers and lakes. Zheng Yijun said: “Based on the principle of easy first and difficult later, this year, Tongshan District will invest 10 million yuan to promote the construction of 23 beautiful and happy rivers and lakes, including the Chu River, Kui River, Zhengji River, and Langhe. Among them, the theme of Zhengji River’s long system The design of the park upgrade project has been completed and the construction will be completed before the end of the year. In the first half of next year, five more river-length theme parks will be completed. Through demonstrations, the water in Tongshan will be clearer, the river will be smoother, and the shore will be smoother. Greener and more beautiful scenery, so that the people will have a stronger sense of gain and happiness."


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