Our country has formed a complete industrial chain of urban sewage treatment


With the development of my country’s urbanization level, the urbanization rate has reached 60.60% by the end of 2019. Cities and towns are playing an increasingly important role in the transformation of my country’s social structure. Urban sewage treatment and the construction of basic pipeline network facilities are important for urban economic development and ecological development. An important part of civilization that cannot be ignored. This article mainly analyzes the development of upstream and downstream competition in the urban sewage treatment industry chain.

Sewage treatment industry chain

Compared with developed countries, the construction of sewage treatment in my country started later, about the 1970s and 1990s, but the earliest development in the field of environmental treatment in my country, the sewage treatment industry is relatively mature than the air treatment industry and the solid waste treatment industry. At present, my country's sewage treatment industry has formed a complete and mature industrial chain, covering core links such as equipment and operations.

Our country has formed a complete industrial chain of urban sewage treatment.

The urban sewage treatment industry is a national public utility, which is mainly guided by policies and supervised by the government. It mainly includes sewage treatment process design, construction and operation of sewage plants, and sludge treatment and disposal. Relying on the support of policies, my country has formed a complete industrial chain of urban sewage treatment.

The middle reaches of the urban sewage treatment industry is the construction and operation of urban sewage treatment plants. Factors such as urban characteristics, topography, and population affect the forms and processes of sewage treatment. More activated sludge methods, biofilm methods, and oxidation ponds are used. Activated sludge method includes traditional activated sludge method, intermittent activated sludge method, AB process method, AO method and AOO method. The operation and management of sewage plant includes the supervision of the whole process of sewage treatment and discharge and the disposal of sludge.

The upstream industry of urban sewage treatment has attracted much attention from the market, mainly involving sewage treatment equipment companies, pipe network construction companies, and building materials companies. There are many types of sewage treatment equipment. The main equipment can be divided into domestic sewage treatment equipment and industrial sewage treatment equipment according to the source of sewage. According to the treatment process, it can be divided into pretreatment equipment, treatment equipment, sludge treatment equipment, etc., in addition to water pumps , Air compressors, motors, power distribution equipment, lighting equipment, etc., 3. Instruments and meters, including flow meters, measuring instruments, samplers and other general and experimental monitoring equipment and instruments. Pipe network construction is the infrastructure of cities and towns, including the construction of centralized sewage collection pipelines, and the layout of sewage discharge pipelines that meet the standards. Building materials include construction materials such as pipes, cement, and steel bars.

The downstream attention of the urban sewage treatment industry is weak and vague, including natural water bodies, residents, governments, enterprises and institutions, etc. In the process of social production, sewage treatment is at the end treatment position. After the treatment reaches the standard, the sewage is discharged into natural water bodies or enters the reclaimed water reuse system to recycle water resources.

The operation of urban sewage treatment plants tends to be in the form of third-party trusteeship, and the harmless treatment and disposal of sludge still needs to be improved

The operation and management of wastewater treatment plants are mainly in two forms: operation by relevant government departments and specialized companies operated by third-party custody. The third-party sewage treatment operation company is mainly responsible for the maintenance of equipment, the inspection of water quality in and out of the water, the management of emergency response plans, etc. The third-party operation has many advantages, such as professional team management, and has clear responsibilities with the government and regulatory authorities. The division of labor, high operating efficiency, and timely equipment maintenance have gradually been recognized by the government authorities and the sewage treatment market. Among the sewage treatment plant operating companies, the listed companies mainly include Beijing Capital, Sound Environment, Entrepreneurship Environmental Protection, Xingrong Investment, Wanbangda, Hongcheng Water, Chongqing Water, etc.

The treatment and disposal of sludge in urban sewage treatment plants mainly follow the principle of "four modernizations", namely: "reduction", "stabilization", "harmless" and "resource". The National Urban Ecological Protection and Construction Plan (2015-2020) of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development pointed out that by 2020, the harmless treatment and disposal rate of urban sludge at prefecture-level and above will reach 90%. The development process of resource disposal and utilization, related statistics show that the current national harmless treatment and disposal of sludge is less than 60%. Increasing the harmless treatment and disposal rate of sludge is also an urgent breakthrough in the operation of urban sewage treatment plants. difficulty.

Integrated sewage treatment facilities may be the development needs of the sewage treatment industry in the future

There are currently a large number of sewage treatment equipment companies in my country, mainly small and medium-sized, private enterprises, most of which provide equipment of a single category, and most of the advanced sewage treatment equipment companies are foreign companies and joint ventures. The listed companies in my country's sewage treatment equipment companies mainly include Bishuiyuan, Wanbangda, Nanhai Development, ST Intermediate, Nanjing Hi-Tech, Guang'an Aizhong, Shanda Huate, Ba'an Water, and Hejia Resources, etc. Sino-foreign joint venture sewage treatment equipment companies include Isby Environmental Protection, Betel Environmental Protection, etc. As the amount of urban sewage discharge increases year by year, the demand for sewage treatment equipment will increase accordingly, or more and more advanced sewage treatment equipment companies will be born.

In recent years, with the continuous progress of my country’s sewage treatment technology, environmental protection companies have continued to increase research and development efforts, and a large number of integrated sewage treatment facilities have emerged, which are improved, combined, and optimized from traditional water treatment processes. They have short construction periods and installation operations. Concise, small footprint, low investment cost, and many other advantages, integrated sewage treatment facilities can achieve a short-term improvement in the quality and efficiency of the sewage plant, and the quality of the effluent in the rainy season can reach the standard. It is expected that in the future, integrated sewage treatment facilities will be applied to the urban sewage treatment construction industry on a large scale, or a number of large-scale enterprises with integrated sewage treatment facilities in my country will appear.


In the process of urbanization in my country, sewage treatment and the construction of basic pipeline network facilities are indispensable infrastructure for urban economic development. Facing the situation of tightening environmental protection policies, the urban sewage treatment and recycling industries still need to be upgraded to a higher level. At this stage, the upstream of the urban sewage treatment industry-sewage treatment equipment companies are more competitive, and the midstream-the sludge treatment and resource utilization prospects are broad. Driven by the development of the industry, it is predicted that integrated sewage treatment facilities will gradually occupy a larger market demand space, and the third-party custody operation form will become the main operation form of sewage treatment plants.


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